We want to make building The Kingdom affordable for all who are serious about it. To this end, The Pillar Seminary has been designed to be as efficient as possible in order to keep cost as low as possible. The Pillar Seminary charges students on a per semester basis, not on a per class basis. Tuition is $2,500 per semester. (See “Academic Course Load” in the Academic Catalog).


We know that every student’s financial situation is unique. Cost should not be a barrier to your decision to attend, and it is a core commitment of The Pillar Seminary that students are not permitted to go into debt in order to be trained for ministry. Instead, the generosity of our donors enables scholarships to be given to students who have (1) made it through the application and selection process and have been accepted into the programs at The Pillar Seminary and (2) demonstrated that they are in need of assistance.

Our scholarship application process begins with the online Financial Assistance Form. This is followed by a confidential discussion between the Director of Student Development and the student. This conversation will take into account individual family needs and income. The student needs to be prepared to enter into a realistic conversation to establish need.

An important step in the scholarship application process at The Pillar Seminary is a conversation with student’s employer or overseers regarding tuition (a step that applies to students in both full- and part-time ministry). This conversation gives the employer the opportunity to invest in the growth of the student, and allows the student to be aware of that investment. It also creates an expectation of change and development in the student’s ministry that paves a way for the student to actively impact their ministry with what is learned in their program. The Director of Student Development works with students to equip them to have this conversation. If necessary or helpful, The Pillar Seminary faculty and staff will speak directly with employers or overseers regarding tuition and ministry impact expectations.

Following these conversations, we will create a tailored financial plan that arrives at a student’s demonstrated need. After the application is reviewed, processed, and approved by The Pillar Seminary board, students who are offered a scholarship must agree to the scholarship parameters. These include, but may not be limited to, a letter thanking the donor and relaying the impact of The Pillar Seminary on the student’s ministry, as well as GPA requirements.

If you have any questions about tuition, please contact Nick Reuting, the Director of Student Development (402-807-3060;