Historical Theology:
The Creeds

As a capstone to the Bible curriculum, this course will assume and build on the repertoire of skills honed from our unique approach and curriculum. Based on the understandings that good theology flows out of good exegesis, that good exegesis must operate within the broad boundaries of orthodoxy, and that context is important to both, we will explore the earliest centuries of the Christian Church to watch the canon and the creeds emerge in their historical and cultural contexts. We will understand what the major tenets of historical orthodoxy are and where, how, and why they emerged. This should also leave the student with foundational perspective for engaging theologically today. (3 credits)

Prerequisites: Biblical Narrative 1, Biblical Narrative 2; Canon in Context 1: Torah, 
Canon in Context 2: Writings, Canon in Context 3: Prophets, Canon in Context 4: 
Gospels, Canon in Context 5: Acts, Epistles, and Revelation