I started studying at Pillar Seminary at one of my lowest times of my life. At that time I had been living overseas as a missionary for over 5 years, and I was burned out in ministry. During those years we had opened our home to Thai children and lived in community. We hosted a weekly home group, and I was also a teacher at a Thai preschool. I knew it was time for me to transition out of these responsibilities, and get much needed rest. A good friend had recommended to me to consider taking a class at Pillar. She told me to do it just for myself and my own spiritual growth.

When I contemplated taking a class at Pillar I was very nervous, and not certain if I had what it took to be a seminary student. I had not taken a class in over ten years, and I had many insecurities. I didn’t want to further my education in Bible knowledge. I didn’t want to become a better leader in my ministry. I didn’t want to waste my time in my much needed season of rest. But I decided take the class- for myself. I enrolled into Pillar Seminary and was very pleased to find that the staff were so approachable. This is a seminary that you can have a beer with your professors! I also felt like I could ask questions and have authentic conversations with them. I appreciate at how in touch they are with real life, but yet creative geniuses. Also the Pillar staff accommodated to my schedule because I live 12 hours ahead of theirs. I have had no problems studying online with Pillar.

During this season of rest, Pillar helped me to be focused on accomplishing my work from home. The weekly discipline to be in my Bible had helped me get out of my dark pit of despair that I was in. My understanding of the Bible has grown tremendously through studying at Pillar. Pillar has helped me read the Bible within the context of the culture. I began to understand the characters of the Bible in new ways, and mostly how they were just humans. Despite their failures, God still showed up. Through this I encountered the kindness and mercy of God. I was also able to understand more about an entire book of the Bible through studying the themes. I found this approach to be very enlightening for the greater messages that the Bible is trying to communicate to its reader. One theme I learned was what God gets angry about- oppression of people. This gave me confirmation and hope to continue my ministry in Thailand, and showed me how I have invested my life in what God cares about. I knew more than ever that God was pleased with me!

I would recommend Pillar Seminary for those who are weary, and done with ministry. Pillar professors will accept, lead, and guide you on a new path of instruction. You may feel nervous or overwhelmed with life but Pillar staff will work with you. Taking a class could change your life, get you out of your rut, and fill you with hope. Or you could enroll at Pillar just for you.