My education at Pillar, so far, has greatly influenced my current and future ministry. I want to share how Pillar has been so helpful in this season of my life and ministry. But first, it will be helpful for me to share a bit about the season I have been in.

A year ago the church I was working for informed me that they wanted to move me out. They gave me 5 months to continue working while I looked for other jobs. Right after those months were up God made it clear to us that he wanted us to pursue church planting. It took several months for us to finally find a Residency opportunity. During those months my Pillar classes helped me to stay connected to God’s word and continue developing personally.

My Pillar classes have helped me regain a healthy way for me to disciple and to teach. The class with Dr. Moore that required us to write a spiritual autobiography and a paper on understanding your context were invaluable for me. They helped me see the workings of God in my life and context in fresh ways. I have been able to use what I gained in classes to teach and disciple with better context and knowledge. My classes have also renewed a passion for God’s word and disciple-making that have become evident to my friends and family. Sometimes they tell me I talk too much about what I’m learning!

Once we knew that God was directing us to church planting I looked at my Pillar classes through that lens. My Pillar classes have been an incredible perspective for developing our church planting vision along the way. It has helped position me to hear from the Holy Spirit more clearly about the role of God’s word, disciple-making, evangelism, prayer, and God’s story in church planting. I believe these classes are brilliant in preparing me for a healthy church plant.

I have always valued preparation and research whenever I want to do something well. Without these classes this past year I would feel lost or unequipped to move forward in church planting. The Pillar education is thoroughly equipping me for current personal ministry and for future healthy church planting.

I always look forward to my classes! The format and the content of each class is encouraging, enjoyable, and valuable for my personal walk and my ministry effectiveness. I look forward to continuing my education at Pillar. I know it is developing me into a stronger and more passionate disciple of Jesus and minister of the Gospel!

Thank you for assisting me in making this education possible! I believe it is a worthy investment into the growth of God’s Holy Church.


Joshua Harris (Church Planter in Little Rock, Arkansas)