In my ministry, it seemed the only way to remedy the problems we faced was to disciple people one-on-one and reproduce disciple makers who do the same in others. Unfortunately, in my searching I was having a difficult time finding the right book or podcast or approach that would teach me to do this effectively … Enter The Pillar.

The Pillar Seminary has dramatically changed my approach to ministry as a whole (not just the pulpit). The Pillar has given me the tools to walk people through the narrative of the Bible.  The professors have enabled me to see the “box top” of the puzzle first and thus how to teach that biblical narrative as a whole to others, and not just the pieces. As of now, I am pouring into three specific people on a one-to-one basis, with the intent that they will pour into others. It is amazing to watch their eyes light up when they realize that they can actually understand the Bible stories and how they work together to form a single story. It is also amazing to watch the Holy Spirit map things out for them and the light bulb comes on. As one man in our congregation said, “the Bible just sticks now!”

The Pillar has also shed some light on our goals for ministry.  Instead of only good teaching every week, I have come to understand that we are a Kingdom outpost that equips people to know the Bible, serve people, and make disciples. I want to thank The Pillar and you (my scholarship donor) as a Pillar Partner, for allowing me to attend. Without your help, I cold have never attended. Your contribution is not just for me, it’s for the Kingdom!

A citizen of His Kingdom,

Bryan Young (teaching elder, Texas)