When I first heard the podcast I immediately had to get online and find this seminary! As a student, my Biblical understanding has been enriched so much. The leadership and Bible classes have challenged me to reevaluate so many aspects of the Bible and church leadership that I thought I knew well. It has impacted my understanding of God and affirmed my calling serve Him in ministry. Pillar has been so supportive to my calling. The Pillar is the seminary of the future. They have witnessed and anticipated modern day church divergences, meeting them with a laser sharp focus. They have uniquely designed their education to steer leaders back to what matters and ground them in it. The Bible, in general, is continually getting lost as the focus. There are well rehearsed answers and theological principles, but often times little comprehensive knowledge of scripture. The education at Pillar is so centrally relevant.  It is so valuable and its value is ever increasing with the insatiable need for Biblically trained leaders!

Amy - Marinette, WI