Last month I had the privilege to go to Uganda and serve in a South Sudanese refugee camp. Our mission was two fold: [1] Provide medical care and [2] train and equip the pastors serving in the camps.

We spent 4 hours a day for 5 days working through the narrative of scripture! I was able to use the tools that I acquired at Pillar, to help equip these South Sudanese Pastors to better read and understand their Bibles.

We spent hours working on the Narrative arch, ( a tool that I learned from Pillar) and I was able to teach them how to spot when a story was over, what the point of that story was, and how to memorize stories of Scripture so that they might meditate on Torah!

One pastor, named Cosmos, said this teaching was so important to them, because it helps them get to the core of what the Bible is teaching. They want to be able preach on what the story is actually teaching, and not just on whatever they feel like.

I would have never been able to go and equip pastors in that way had it not been for the training I have received at Pillar!

I am forever grateful for this seminary, and so are the people of South Sudan, who now have tools to help them better understand God’s Word for the rest of their lives! Pillar is advancing the kingdom of God in dramatic ways here in Omaha, and around the world! Thank God for this seminary.

Alex Marquez

Pillar Student, Omaha, Nebraska