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Dr. Scott Booth

You Might Be Missing the Point:
The Battle of Jericho

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Two assumptions when attempting ANY communication

When we communicate, we try to take the thoughts in one person's mind and replicate them in the other person. (Of course there are many additional reasons we communicate, but if communication does not begin with this notion, then it's something else entirely). When we engage in this attempt to replicate thought-worlds, we operate with two basic assumptions;

1.     We assume communication could either succeed or fail. 
(Seems obvious, I know, but it's important to note because it colors how we behave).

2.     We assume that if the two parties share a lot of the same context, the communication is more likely to succeed. If they have very little of the same context, it is more likely to fail. 

How those assumptions change our behavior

A simple way to illustrate these two assumptions is to imagine communicating with someone from a completely different culture, especially one who speaks your language as a second language. You hope things go well, and as soon as it goes wrong, you may think, "If only so-and-so grew up on my street, this would be so much easier."

Let's take it a step further. Imagine that you are invited to have a meal at the home of the above "so-and-so." You know your worlds don't line up, so you enter the home with humility and grace. You interact with them in their home like a sponge: You are ready to absorb their world (and absorb any unintended offense); and, when you insert yourself, you do so softly, trying not to be abrasive or offensive in any way.

Here is the point: This is how we are to interact with the Bible. It is as foreign as any "so-and-so" you came up with in the above scenario. It's from a foreign culture and a foreign time and written in a foreign language. So, when you do not approach it with the same active desire to absorb and understand its world, with the same humility you would at the above dinner party, you are not obeying the rules of communication. You are walking into the house making demands about how you should be served. The scary part is that you aren't even consciously breaking or making up new rules. And since the text isn't a person who can tell you how offensive you are being in their home, you just carry right along rifling through the refrigerator looking for the hamburger you came prepared to eat. Continue Reading…

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I have been serving as a chaplain for 12 years at two hospitals. This involves bedside visits and Sunday school services at the Trauma & Stroke Center.  A few years ago I started my Living water Ministries & began learning how to add Healing Harp Therapy to my bedside visits and Sunday School. The beautiful sound of the harp has opened doors to teaching the gospel. It has made it easier to communicate with patients & families who are grieving.

I am truly grateful to the dedicated supporters of The Pillar Seminary for providing the funds for me to receive a scholarship. At The Pillar, I am learning the gospel from a contextually enlightened perspective. Learning Scripture in this way has encouraged me and made the burden of service more rewarding. I'm thankful to The Pillar Seminary's founder Dr. Eric Smith and professor Dr. Scott Booth for their respected roles of leadership.
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It’s been more than a week since the 7th Omaha Gives! presented by American National Bank and we are still mind blown by the generosity! It was a great start to our Summer Scholarship Drive! See more…