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We kicked off our FIFTH YEAR this Fall with sixty three students enrolled and twenty two new students joining us for the first time! Among those students, we have four students living outside the US in England and Thailand. Here in the States, we have students stretching from coast to coast. This is the fourth straight semester of growth in numbers and we are excited that more people every year are joining us in our mission to make ministry leaders better by equipping and empowering them. We are excited about those that want to join us in our unique Bible and Leadership training program!


Dr. Scott Booth-

This summer I had the great privilege of returning again to Northern Israel as a staff member of the Abel Beth Maacah excavations. We're excavating levels that date to the time period of the Book of Judges and 1-2 Samuel. In fact, in 2 Samuel 20, the wise woman of Maacah negotiated the return (in part) of the rebel Sheba to Joab, David’s general. 

Participating in the excavations every year enables me to interact with scholars from around the world, which keeps me on the cutting edge of research and directly benefits Pillar students in the classroom. In the picture ABOVE, I’m discussing an important and enigmatic bit of stratigraphy with co-director Dr. Naama Yahalom-Mack. We're leaning on a 3,000 year old wall that separated a roadway I was excavating (where I’m standing) from a room that seems to have had cultic significance (where Naama is standing). You can read about the room and other important finds from the site in a recent news article.

If you want to see videos and pictures of the excavation, check out Scott's Instagram @scottwbooth.

Joe Mullarkey-

"The classes at Pillar are immediately practical to everyday ministry. No matter if you are a lay person who is entrenched on the front lines or a vocational minister, what you take away from Pillar is immediate applicable to your context. One such instance comes from Dr. Moore’s Disciple Making class that I was part of last semester. Our church culture, already had discipleship language flowing freely but the fruit of that language was lacking. The class with Dr. Moore forced me to take a look at our Disciple Making Process and evaluate its effectiveness. Throughout the semester we walked through practical ways of improving our process by using the same methods Jesus used during His ministry. From class I was able to put a new Disciple Making Process together with the help of my classmates and Dr. Moore. We launched this new process six weeks ago with our Student Ministry and have seen phenomenal spiritual and numerical growth in out students. We are no longer simply adding believers but we are multiplying disciples. It's all about outreach now. The students pray for their lost friends and come up with ways to tell their stories."

This is an example of how the greater Kingdom has been impacted by the work of The Pillar and why it is important to continue this work. 

Joe would love to talk to you if you want more information on what he is doing. His email is jmullarkey@pillarseminary.org


October 9th 7:00pm-

A community event at Safari Cigars & Lounge. Part of the proceeds will go to The Pillar Seminary. Come and bring your friends!

December 7th 5:30pm-

"An Evening with The Pillar Seminary" at Waypoint Church. Food, concert, and silent auction.  More info and ticket prices to come!

Meet and greet parties are also being held at individual homes through out the year as well! If you would like to open up your home, please contact LaRhesa at lbailey@pillarseminary.org

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