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Dan Lowery- New Testament Faculty

A fantastically important event that we all just celebrated, and that should be fresh on our minds as we begin the new year, was the arrival of our Savior Jesus the Christ to earth some 2,000 years ago. It’s such a neat thing to be able to join together with millions of believers all around the world to celebrate the significance of Jesus for our lives today. And I’d like us to think about one more piece of that story as we train our thoughts on the upcoming year ahead of us (and here you thought the holidays were finally behind you!). 

In Luke’s Gospel, the wise old man Simeon had waited his whole life for God’s “comfort of Israel” (Luke 2:25; see also Isa 49:13 and 52:9). At long last the Holy Spirit led him to the Temple where he encountered the baby Jesus and his parents. As he took the child in his arms, he realized at that incredible moment that his eyes were gazing upon nothing less than the long-awaited salvation of God and from God (vv. 27-30). There’s a good lesson for us, that Luke really takes pains to demonstrate throughout his Gospel (introduced to us in these early chapters) — that to look upon Jesus is to see clearly God’s salvation. One is the other, and vice versa (see Acts 4:12). But that’s not all! 

The real lesson I want us to focus on in this coming year comes from Simeon’s next words about Jesus (vv. 31-32). Filled with the Spirit, Simeon goes on to describe this salvation from God as having been “prepared for all peoples, a light to reveal God to the nations and the glory of your people Israel.” This too comes from Isaiah (see Isa 49:6; 60:1-3) who speaks of a day that will come when God finally saves Israel. It will be so glorious that all the other nations will see it and they too will want to know and follow this God (see also Isa 2:1-4). And Simeon recognizes that in Jesus, such a salvation — a light to the nations — has arrived. And here’s the lesson for us to consider: the biblical depiction of salvation in Jesus is consistently a salvation not just for us, but rather, through us to others as well. That is, in the biblical understanding of the concept (that Simeon makes clear as well), personal salvation is a means to an even greater end: the redemption of the peoples of the world. And this, as Luke makes clear, is “good news” (see Luke 1:19; 2:10; 4:18-21; etc.) indeed! I might also add, that if others don’t experience the good news through us, we may not have in fact understood it ourselves in the first place.

So this new year, may your experience of Jesus’ salvation be such that others come to know something of God as a result. May it be such good news in your own life that others are drawn to the light of the Gospel because of it. May your eyes, just as Simeon’s once did, behold nothing less than the salvation of God.


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