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We recently had a faithful donor, who gives $1000 a month, have a temporary job downsize and needs to give $300 a month instead, for a time.  He asked if I could call on other Pillar Partners to help make up the difference for a while.  I have already sent this out to a select few and one faithful donor is going to increase to an additional $200 a month to help make up the difference. We are now only $500 short of the monthly financial support needed to make up this difference. Please thank the Lord with us and continue to pray for God's provision.




Come enjoy an evening with The Pillar Seminary professors.  Get to know about our school.  Ask the questions you have been wondering about. Learn how you can become a Pillar Partner and help students finish school debt free.


The Pillar Seminary has dramatically changed my approach to ministry as a whole (not just the pulpit). The Pillar has given me the tools to walk people through the narrative of the Bible.  The professors have enabled me to see the “box top” of the puzzle first and thus how to teach that biblical narrative as a whole to others, and not just the pieces.

The Pillar has also shed some light on our goals for ministry.  Instead of only good teaching every week, I have come to understand that we are a Kingdom outpost that equips people to know the Bible, serve people, and make disciples.

Bryan Young (teaching elder, Texas)



Where Do Pillar Students Live?

Pillar Students are getting close to stretching the globe! We are coast to coast in The States plus, student in Costa Rica, Panama, the UK, and Thailand!  The Pillar's style of class makes it accessible for people all over the world to take classes!

Compassion in Exhaustion- Dr. Eric Smith

I was struck by the set up to the story of the feeding of the 5000 in the book of Matthew. (Mt 14:13ff.) Jesus had just heard about the death of John the Baptist. The text tells us that Jesus got in the boat attempting to get away to have some alone time, presumably to grieve, but people somehow heard what Jesus was up to and followed him.

By the time Jesus landed a large crowd had followed. Looking over the crowd he had compassion on them and began to heal their sick. How on earth, in the midst of his own grieving, did he have the strength to have compassion?’

Jesus mom and John’s mom were relatives. Luke tells us that Mary spent three months of her pregnancy with Elizabeth (Luke 1:56). John played a key role in Jesus’ ministry as the Isaiah-like announcer of Jesus’ arrival. John preached in the wilderness of Judea (Mt 3:211-12). Matthew tells us that John was the voice of one calling in the wilderness (Mt 3:3) In other words, John was Jesus’ biggest cheerleader. So when Jesus hears of John’s beheading at the hand of Herod, it’s’ no small deal. He’s devastated when he gets in the boat to withdraw to a solitary place. And yet, even when evening approaches and it’s legitimately time to send the crowd home, he feeds them so he can continue to pour himself out to them.

Exactly how Jesus had compassion is not stated in the text. Was there something about his relationship to John that triggered compassion for people? Was he predisposed to gravitate toward compassion when grieving? Is he simply always compassionate because he’s God in the flesh? Matthew doesn’t tell us. But I do think Matthew is pointing us to the necessity of compassion when serving others. I would go so far as to say that compassion is a necessary motivator for any effective ministry.

Compassion has to be a key motivator in our ministries. Reaching people and growing our churches has to be more about compassion for people far from God and less about building our own mini-kingdoms where we get to pat ourselves on the back for all the people we’ve reached. We all know this, but how do we pull it off?

In my opinion, one of the key metrics for motivation is monitoring what makes me angry versus what makes me sad. I’m a work in progress on this, but I try to allow my anger to turn to sadness and compassion before taking action.

Easier said than done.


Thanks to all who came out to support us at Jimmy John's in February!

May 22, 2019 SAVE THE DATE!

Omaha gives is a 24 hour charitable challenge that occurs each spring. The Pillar Seminary is proud to be participating in this challenge. Mark your calendars and consider The Pillar when you give!