The mission of The Pillar Seminary is to strengthen the local church by equipping and empowering its leaders. Our unique Bible and Leadership training program profoundly deepens our students’ understanding of Scripture, enriches and renews their relationship with God, increases their effectiveness in ministry, and encourages a sustainable and healthy home and work life.

Core Commitments

  • The Pillar Seminary is founded upon the central and authoritative role of Scripture in the life of the Church.

  • We are committed to growing, training, and equipping leaders to make disciples in their ministry context.

  • We believe it is our responsibility to deliver effective training as efficiently as possible.

  • We believe social, cultural, and ecumenical diversity in the classroom is a reflection of the Kingdom of God, a matter of justice, and a necessary component of effective and efficient training.

  • We hold that academic rigor and intellectual integrity is a great freedom, privilege, and responsibility of the church.

  • We believe students should not go into debt to train for ministry.