Like the Certificate and MA programs, the MDiv begins by taking students through the story of the Bible in its historical, cultural, and geographic context (Biblical Narrative 1-2), as well as addressing their individual calling and leadership tendencies in Introduction to Contextual Biblical Leadership. Next, MDiv and MA students work through five additional canon courses in the “Canon in Context” series, gaining the skills in various genres necessary to exegete the rest of the Bible in English. In the Biblical Leadership in Context series, students learn to evaluate, correct, and grow their ministries in four areas applicable to all ministry types, and complete the capstone project. MDiv and MA students also study common and core doctrines of the faith in historical theology.

The differences between the MDiv and MA programs are (1) the Bible Lands Trip and Pastoral Counseling courses are required in the MDiv program, and (2) the biblical languages are required.

Course Name Credits
BIBLEBiblical Narrative 14
Biblical Narrative 24
Canon in Context 1: Torah3
Canon in Context 2: Writings3
Canon in Context 3: Prophets3
Canon in Context 4: Gospels3
Canon in Context 5: Acts, Epistles, & Revelation3
Life and Cultures of the Ancient World3
Bible Lands Trip1
Hebrew Reading 1: Narrative3
Hebrew Reading 2: Law3
Hebrew Reading 3: Poetry3
Hebrew Reading 4: Prophecy3
Greek Reading 13
Greek Reading 23
Greek Reading 33
Greek Reading 43
LEADERSHIPIntroduction to Contextual Biblical Leadership3
Biblical Leadership in Context 1: Disciple Making3
Biblical Leadership in Context 2: Worship and Membership3
Biblical Leadership in Context 3: Mission and Outreach3
Biblical Leadership in Context 4: Administration and Internal Controls 3
Capstone: Ethics and Christian Responsibility3
Pastoral Counseling2
THEOLOGYHistorical Theology: The Creeds3

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