Introduction to Contextual Biblical Leadership

The introduction to Contextual Biblical Leadership course is designed to align a student’s call, gifts, and leadership proclivities. During the semester, students will examine their own biography, spiritual gifts, and personality profile to gain clarity on their call and equipping. The examination is done with the professor and cohort as students learn to affirm who they are and how they are called to serve. This understanding is necessary in order to maximize their effectiveness in ministry, and thus a prerequisite to begin the “Biblical Leadership in Context” series. (3 credits)

Prerequisites: Biblical Narrative 1

Pastoral Counseling

This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic counseling skills involved in pastoral counseling and care. The course will include a counseling model, theories, personal assessments, and useful knowledge for developing proficiency in pastoral care-giving. Emphasis will be given to practice and acquisition of basic counseling skills, increasing personal self-awareness, an overview of mental health disorders, referral strategies, and the usefulness of science and Scripture in the counseling process. (2 credits)

Prerequisites: Biblical Narrative 1, Biblical Narrative 2; Introduction to Contextual Biblical Leadership