Bible Lands Trip

After learning all the stories of the Bible in their historical, cultural, and geographical setting, students travel to the land of the Bible to further reinforce and deepen their understanding of the text. This experience can be accomplished in several ways. Typically, students travel with The Pillar Seminary faculty to Israel during the annual two-week trip. Trip preparation involves reviewing historical and archaeological information for sites on the itinerary, which will be presented by students on site. It is also required that students maintain a log and journal of their experience. Alternatively, students may enroll in one of the short-term study programs at Jerusalem University College (either Historical & Geographical Settings of the Bible or Jesus & His Times). Students may also participate in archaeological excavation in a biblical land (Israel, Greece, Turkey, etc.), touring the region on days off. All trips and tours must be pre-approved by the Academic Dean. (1 credit)

Prerequisites: Biblical Narrative 1, Biblical Narrative 2

Life and Cultures of the Ancient World

Throughout the course of the curriculum, students have been briefly looking at many aspects of various cultures as they have been encountered in the biblical text. These topics range from the mundane, such as daily life in urban versus rural environments, to more profound, such as the theology behind idol worship. This capstone course is an opportunity to return to those topics and study them more in depth. The goal is to create better readers of the biblical text by solidifying an accurate understanding of the cultures in which it was written. (3 credits)

Prerequisites: Biblical Narrative 1, Biblical Narrative 2, Canon in Context 1: Torah, 
Canon in Context 2: Writings, Canon in Context 3: Prophets, Canon in Context 4: 
Gospels, Canon in Context 5: Acts, Epistles, and Revelation