Pillar Seminary

We exist to make you better.

In hundreds of interviews, ministry leaders expressed frustration that traditional seminary programs introduced them to everything without making them good at anything. Instead, they desired more focus and proficiency in Bible and Organizational Leadership.

These are precisely the skills you will learn at The Pillar.

Your study at The Pillar will not only grow your leadership ceiling, but it will also expand your engagement with and understanding of the Bible in ways you never thought possible. As you study the context in which the biblical narrative takes place, the people, places and stories on its pages will open up to you like never before.

We promise, you will never read or teach the bible the same again.

Scott Booth

Old Testament Faculty


BA, Union University
MA, PhD (ABD), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Scott specializes in Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East during the Early Iron Age, and is on staff at the Abel Beth Maacah excavation in northern Israel.




Dan Lowery

New Testament Faculty


BA, Southwestern University
ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
PhD, University of Bristol, UK

Daniel pastored an EFCA church in Texas for 6 years prior to joining the faculty. He has authored articles for Lexham Bible Dictionary and Lexham Theological Wordbook (Lexham Press) and a monograph in the Bulletin for Biblical Research Supplement Series (Eisenbrauns). His current project (aside from teaching and parenting!) is co-authoring a forthcoming volume in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Series (Lexham Press). 





Donnell J. Moore

Director of Leadership Development


BBA, Bethune Cookman University
MDiv, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary
DMin, United Theological Seminary

Donnell specializes in church leadership and congregational development, with special interest in training and equipping  pastoral, ministerial, and church leaders to serve the church in the twenty-first century. He currently serves as executive pastor at Salem Baptist Church, Omaha. 





Eric Smith

President and Old Testament Faculty


BM, University of Nebraska
PhD, Trinity College, Bristol, UK

Eric is a specialist in Old Testament and Sumerian mythography. He has publications on reading Genesis 1-11, as well as a textbook on the Pentateuch.